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About SP Murphy, Inc.

SP Murphy Inc. provides services across a wide range of industries:  Hospitality, Restaurants, Retail, Government, Education, Healthcare, and Housing in both the private and public sector. Our comprehensive services include; Capital Planning, Program Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Facility Condition Assessment, Architectural and Engineering Consulting, and Architectural Programming. Our greatest asset is our experienced team of program managers, construction managers, designers, architects and engineers. We tailor our services and staffing to meet the specific need of the client and project. With this approach paired with valuable staff experience, we guarantee our clients exceptional services leading to a successful project.
At SP Murphy Inc., we take pride of  our experience, reliability, accuracy, and most importantly in our work ethic. All is demonstrated with our track record of satisfied clients and successful projects. We are fully committed to having the best interests of our clients met. 
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